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poke - i'll cut you bitch



October 19th, 2029

OOC - Relationship meme

poke - the most awesome ever
Char has friends?!Collapse )

May 27th, 2011

(no subject)

( [Obligatory tl;dr whiny narration/log summary] )

[Oh look it's Samus' birthday how about that]Collapse )

[A note for Blacky, unhackable]Collapse )

Here's a chillin' thought for everyone.

There ain't no record of any other Charizards graduatin' here, and the other regions sure as shit don't let Pokemon enroll in schools. I'm the first Charizard to get a high-school diploma.

As of right now, I am the smartest goddamn Charizard in the world.

March 18th, 2011

(no subject)

poke - FML
( [Backdated to AU Week] )

December 24th, 2010

(no subject)

poke - c-c-cuteface whaaaat
[Char's original plan had been to go the "catch something, kill it, roast it over his tail, and give it to people" route again. Unfortunately, in light of recent bullets in asses, he currently possesses the hunting ability of a pair of pantyhose stuffed with soggy potting soil; he can't seem to keep up with much of anything before he tires out. He had some small amount of success, but... it's really more like the kind of game a Charmander would be taking down.

So uh. Looks like he's opted to do some old-fashioned foraging and/or delve into his now-quite-dwindled "took down a mafia boss with Biomech" rainy day cash pile.

Presents for Green Team, Genny, the few people on the football team he's decently good friends with, G-dorf, Zapdos, and Biomech. Also something very tiny for Misty and Erika.]
i got you a dead animalCollapse )

November 13th, 2010

[Not private at all]

poke - partners in crime, poke - up to no good
So, Vinnie.

Glad to see all that mountaintop trainin' paid off. You looked real impressive out on the battlefield. Real manly and shit.

I especially liked watchin' the part where you got your warty ass handed to you. So... the entire thing, basically.

October 7th, 2010

[It's the DARNDEST THING. If you've been paying attention to Char (lord only knows why you would want to do that), you might have perhaps noticed that he's been acting kind of strange ever since Green showed up. Oh, he's still stirring up trouble and backsassing his superiors, but there have been these peculiar episodes where he's... actually pretty mellow. Whoa.

He's even been showing up to a few classes here and there. Whoa.

So at some point during the week, you might have run into him doing one of the following things:

1. Dragon!Char's been out on the campus green, practicing that flying thing. He's gotten halfway decent at it -- once he manages to get up in the air, he can cruise along well enough, except for a tendency to list to the right. That membrane he tore earlier's still not perfectly healed, apparently. It's the technical stuff that's harder. Expect a lot of clumsy takeoffs, faceplant!landings, and attempts at turns and swoops that send him doinking off stuff. You might wanna duck -- he's practicing his swoops right about now, and calling them "sloppy" would be a little too generous a term.

2. The dorm common room seems like a nice place to relax, right? And people say that pets are also great at easing stress. Surely that still counts if the pet in question is a six-foot-long maneating death spider, right? Skulltulas are totally cute and cuddly. On the bright side, Rasputin's probably not gonna do a whole lot of maneating: Char's got Rasputin practicing tricks, so expect a lot of rolling over and balancing bits of hot dog on its face instead. Maybe if you ask nice, Rasputin will perform a trick for you. Or give you a piggyback ride. ...Spiderback ride. Whichever.

3. Oddly enough, Char's decided to go to a place where he sincerely doubts he'll run into any of his friends: the library. Firebutt and his... uh... firebutt... have tucked themselves away in a corner in the back. So what's he up to? Cutting class? Napping? Engaging in arson? Nope. He... he appears to have a notebook open. And a textbook. And an expression of complete and utter confusion. If one didn't know better, one might say he's... actually attempting to do homework. But that would be crazy, right?]

((OOC: Yeah. Action logging of great justice. Hooray for indecision! Just... pick a scenario and label it in your tag, and everything's golden.))
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